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Jaska Von Reeboch IPO2

Breed Survey for Life

“a” normal hips, Bh, AD

"Jaska'' is now IPO2 with High Trophy for IPO1 and High Tracking Score in recent trials. She is breed survey for life. "Jaska'' also received a "SG"  (very good) rating in conformation and the breed survey (KKL).

This pedigree is very unique in that there are multiple former World Champions. This is extremely rare and speaks to the quality of this line.

World Champions

Tom Van’t Leefdalhoff

Natz von Tiegelhouse

Vito Vom Walkdwinkel

Link Von Muikenshof

2nd Place World Champion

Troll Vom Haus Milinda

Multiple World Champion

Orry v. Antwerpa (back an additional generation)

Multiple Competitor Champion at the Worlds

AceofNike Van Het Bleekhof

Jaska at approximately 10 weeks

Barbara Hill, Handler

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