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SG - Pasha von Wyndmoor

Sch1, KKL

Pasha v Wyndmoor is another home grown breeding female. She is Sch1 with a very good rating in conformation and KKL or breed survey. She has "A" normal hips and elbows. Not as young as she used to be, Pasha just delivered her final litter on Jan 24, 2013. The sire is an excellent male from the Harrisburg, PA area named Arko v Eichenluft IPO3. Pasha will enjoy an early retirement here at von Wyndmoor where she can join her soon to be 13 year old mother ''Hera'' in a life of leisure. Hera is 13!! Longevity is an important part of breeding GSDs. Pasha's father "Basko vd Lutter lived here until his 13th year also. Pasha is a product of an informed breeding program where health, temperament, beauty and character are a premium. We are proud to watch Pasha's progeny come to age and earn titles or become the best dog a family has ever had. Come watch Pasha run like the wind on a visit to our facility. - Jim Hill

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