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IPO 3, A Normal hips and elbows.

Blade is a stock-haired large German Shepherd with excellent drive. Born in December 2013, he loves to work. He is line bred on strong lines like eCrok Erlenbusch and the great old lines of the kennel Wolfendobel. Blade is one of our rising stars and just received his IPO3. He scored 96-93-98.

At the SW Florida Schutzhund Club's IPO Trial and Conformation Event, Blade received a "V" rating (excellent) and A Breed Survey for 2018 through 2020. The judge was Harald Hohmann, a very well respected judge from Germany.

Helper Ralph Burrows. Thanks to Cindy Simmons for photos.

V Blade v Heimbachshecke IPO3 KKL